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Monitor your critical facilities

with ServersCheck's sensors, base units & monitoring platform

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ServersCheck is a modular, scalable & affordable Enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) solution that enables you to monitor, report, alert & control the conditions of your infrastructure sites; offline and / or online.

It is not about replacing your monitoring but about improving it by adding our modular components in your existing environment.

The IoT solution includes following product ranges:

Quick tour video

Wondering how our base units look like and how it works?
How sensor probes connect to it?
No one likes to read a manual. Right?

So we did something different. Take some popcorn and relax while watching this 3 minutes video. You'll learn how a base unit is unboxed, powered and configured for the first time and how sensors are connected to the base unit.

Enjoy the show :-)
5000+ customers

ServersCheck's infrastructure monitoring solutions has been purchased by more than 5000 customers around the world. We are proud that we not only serve some of the most recognized brands in the world but also many small & medium sized businesses.

To all our customers: thank you for your support

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Sensorgateway - the base unit: wired or mobile

The base unit features: temperature sensor, PoE, SNMP, email/SMS/Voice Call alerts, webserver, ServersCheck cloud ready.

It acts the host for external sensors. By default up 2 wired or 8 wired sensors with the optional sensorhub. With the wireless sensorhub, it supports up to 30 wireless sensors.

Want to monitor remote sites without wired IP connectivity or have mobile backup?
Check out our Mobile (2G,3G,4G) Sensorgateway.

more on the Sensorgateway >
more on the Mobile Sensorgateway >

Mobile Sensorgateway is not available in North & South America. SIM card not included.

Wired & wireless sensors

ServersCheck offers a wide range of sensors for monitoring conditions like temperature, humidity, water leaks / ingress or flooding, power failure, airflow, shock / vibration, sound, door contact, dry contacts, AC & DC power metering, fuel level, electric ground

more on the wired & wireless sensors >

Not just monitoring but also control

With our Sensorhub and IO Dry Contact sensor you can not just monitor values from sensors but also program automatic corrective actions using dry contact outputs or relay outputs.

For example you can automatically start a backup cooling unit if the temeperature is too high; or start a pump when water is detected; or sound a siren when a door is opened of a remote site; trigger a camera recording and much more...

It's modular

ServersCheck is like Lego: you only take the building bricks you need for your requirements.

The foundation is a small base unit. You connect only the sensors you need to the base unit. Requirements change? No worries, other sensors can always be added later. Per base unit you can have up to 8 wired or 30 wireless sensors.

With ServersCheck you don't need to change the base unit when you want to add later more sensors: you just expand your base unit!

It's scalable: from very small to very big

Our solution is built on small, yet expandable, base units. Each base unit operates as a stand-alone unit that can be integrated into management platforms using SNMP or XML.

This makes it suitable for deployments of any size: from a very small deployment with a single base unit to very large deployments where you need to manage thousands of base units.

It's affordable

Thanks to our modular architecture ServersCheck's solution is affordable for any type of organization: whether you are monitoring just a single rack or thousands of remote sites.

You only pay for what you need. We start with an inexpensive base unit to which you add the sensors you need.

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Compatible with many SNMP & DCIM tools

Our hardware can be integrated with many different DCIM from vendors like Schneider, Emerson, iTracs, Nlyte, Raritan, Panduit, IO & more.

It also works with popular SNMP management tools like HP OpenView, IBM Tivoli, CA, BMC, IO, Modius, MRTG, Cacti, Nagios, Zenoss, ManageEngine, Ipswitch WhatsUp, Paessler PRTG, Solarwinds & more ...

more information on SNMP integration >

Infrastructure Monitoring Platform

Our platform enables you to monitor, report, alert & control your infrastructure sensors.

It is available in 2 versions: On-Demand (Cloud based) or On-Premise (on your own systems).

more on the Monitoring Platform >
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Sensor Base Units
Wired SensorGateway
Mobile (2G/3G/4G) SensorGateway

Wired & Wireless Sensors:
Wireless Temperature & Humidity Sensor
Temperature Sensor
Humidity Sensor
Flooding / Water Leak Sensor
Fuel Leak Sensor
Power Failure Sensor
Airflow Sensor
Vibration Sensor
Sound (db) Sensor
Dust Sensor
Security Door Contact Sensor
IO Dry Contact Sensor
Stainless Steel Temperature Sensor

Expansion Modules:
Sensor Hub
Wireless Hub

Infrastructure Monitoring Platform
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