Integrating, Reselling & Distributing ServersCheck

ServersCheck offers its infrastructure monitoring solution at very competitive prices. In order to bring our products to customers around the world we recognize the importance of a local partner network.

Unlike many other hardware companies, ServersCheck does not have a professional services team. Any consulting or other services that customers may require, are performed by third parties. ServersCheck only focuses on the design, manufacturing, marketing, sales and remote off-site support of its products.

At ServersCheck we make a distinction between resellers, distributors and OEM. Distributors are companies selling to resellers and typically don't sell to end-users. Resellers are companies that sell to end-users. OEM customers are companies integrating our solution in their portfolio with custom branded versions of our tools.

Are you a Reseller? We offer a 2 tier reseller program:

  1. for occasional purchases we offer a standard discount without the need to sign-up as a reseller. This is our Starter level.
    Simply go to our online store and click on the "reseller pricing" link.

  2. our preferred partner program is for resellers who want to order our equipment on a regular basis. They are listed on our website. Discounts are based on the generated revenue. Click here for more info & to apply online.

Are you a distributor? Distributors are companies that sell to resellers in their country and typically don't sell to end-users. Distributors normally have local stock. Interest to become a ServersCheck distributor in your country? Simply fill in the distributor application form.

OEM or custom branding? Companies looking at offering an environmental monitoring solution in their portfolio can team up with ServersCheck to offer custom branded versions of the sensors to its customer base. Contact us at
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Sensor Base Units
SensorGateway - Base Unit

Wired & Wireless Sensors:
Wireless Temperature & Humidity Sensor
Humidity Sensor
Flooding / Water Sensor
Power Failure Sensor
Airflow Sensor
Vibration Sensor
Sound (db) Sensor
Security Door Contact Sensor
IO Dry Contact Sensor

Expansion Modules:
Sensor Hub
Wireless Hub

Infrastructure Monitoring
Cloud Platform

Cloud platform detailed
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Monitoring Software
Infrastructure Monitoring (DCIM)
Infrastructure-as-a-Service Monitoring (IaaS)
Network Monitoring (NPM)
Servers & Systems Monitoring (SPM)
Application Monitoring (APM)

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