LTE/3G/2G Alerting Add-On
get alerts even when your IP network is down

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Key Features
- Plugs into the base unit like a sensor
- Global LTE Cat 4
- Global 3G operation
- Global 2G operation
- SMS alerting via GSM modem
- Approved for AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and others
- Ultra low power
- Mobile alerting as primary or back-up mode
- Dual SIM for high availability*
- Optional: positioning via built-in GPS**
- Requires micro SIM card with Data + SMS plan

Requires 1 free sensor port and a SensorGateway (BASE-WIRED) with firmware 8.2 or higher.
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Global Operations
with international carrier and regulatory approval
ADDON-LTE side view
The Cellular alerting addon has the Quectel wireless module embedded. This module has international carrier and regulatory approval as follows:

Carrier Approvals: Deutsche Telekom(Europe), AT&T/Sprint/U.S. Cellular (North America), Telus (Canada)

Regulatory Approvals: GCF (Global), CE(Europe) , FCC/PTCRB (North America), IC (Canada), Anatel (Brazil), IFETEL (Mexico), SRRC/CCC/NAL (China), KC (South Korea), NCC (Taiwan, China), JATE/TELEC (Japan), RCM (Australia & New Zealand), FAC (Russia), NBTC (Thailand), IMDA (Singapore), ICASA (South Africa)
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Dual SIM*
automatic switching for higher availability
Dual SIM Card
The addon features support for 2 micro SIM cards. When the network on SIM1 fails, then automatically it will use the network of the backup SIM to send out the alerts and data.

You choose your primary and backup mobile operator, or just a primary mobile operator.

* Dual SIM functionality for ADDON-LTE purchased after December 2019.
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Message Buffering
In the event of a total mobile network outage, the built-in message buffering ensures that only alert or data package is sent as soon as connectivity is restored.

The built-in buffer capacity amounts to number of messages that would be sent at a 5 minute interval for 10 days, or at a 1 minute interval for 2 days.
Message Queue icon
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GPS Positioning**
know where your sensors are
GPS map illustration
With the GPS functionality, latitude and longitude coordinates are shared via SNMP, Modbus TCP or via the Cloud.

This enables you to know where your sensors are. You can even select the transmission intervals.

** available via special firmware to large account customers.