Ground Monitoring Sensor

Ground Monitoring Sensor
How It Works Tech Specs

Power Over Ethernet (PoE) - Web - SNMP - SNMP Traps - Modbus - Email - SMS - Voice Call - Rack Mountable - Industrial Grade
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- Plug & Play
- Monitors up to 7 different ground systems
- Cabling through fuse cables
- Measures resistance in Ohms

The ServersCheck Grounding Monitoring system connects to your facilities or sites electrical ground system. It checks non stop the grounding's resistance. This allows you to get early warning on your grounding system.

The sensor detects and alerts on following:
- accidental disconnected grounding systems
- corrosion of copper ground bars due to environmental conditions
- copper ground theft
no pc required for the ServersCheck to operate once configured

no internet required for the ServersCheck to operate once configured
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How It Works
How grounding sensor works

The grounding sensor connects to a base unit using a standard RJ45 network cable. The network cable tranmits data and power from the base unit to the ground monitoring sensor. The sensor comes with 7 fuse cables to connect the sensor to up to 7 grounding systems. The sensor constantly reports the resistance in Ohms of each grounding that is monitored.
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Technical Specifications - Grounding Probe (PWR-GROUND)

Operating temperature range: 0C to +75C (32F to +167F) in PoE mode
Operating humidity range: < 90% rH (non-condensating)
Dimensions: 70 mm (2.7") x 88 mm (3.4") x 22 mm (0.8")
Housing: Orange metal casing with one LED status indicators
7x ground metering points
Resolution: 1 Ohm
Range: 0-1000 Ohm
Accuracy: 5%
Units: Ohm
Contact polling rate: min 1 second
Contact polling rate: min 1 second
Requires use of fuse cables
Requires the SensorGateway v5 or higher to operate - max 1 (one) Ground Sensor Probe per SensorGateway
Does not work with Expansion Hubs
The SensorGateway is required for this sensor.
Requires SensorGateway v5.1+ with firmware 8+
Network communication protocols: SNMPv2,v3 XML, JSON, HTTP and Modbus TCP
Operating temperature range: 0C to +75C (32F to +167F)
Operating humidity range: < 90% rH (non-condensating).
Sensor connects via regular straight RJ45 cable to the SensorGateway.
Maxmimum distance between probe and SensorGateway is 100m/330ft when using a CAT6 or CAT7 cable (subject to cable quality and interference)