Covid-19: Workplace Temperature Screening

Infrared Sensor
for self temperature screening

IR Spot Sensor on a tripod

AI Thermal Camera
for walk through screening

Thermal Camera sensor for Covid-19

Our products are originally designed for contactless temperature monitoring of equipment. As an emergency solution, we have enabled them to monitor for elevated skin temperature (EST) too. They do not have the accuracy of medical grade systems and are not be considered or used as medical grade ones. They are not designed for the specific intention of human fever detection nor the diagnosis, mitigation or prevention of disease or health conditions. Where the use of our products is permitted, they should always be complemented with medical grade devices for confirmation and additional screening. In the USA the use of our thermal cameras and sensors is allowed / authorized as part of the FDA's emergency guidance.

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Infrared IR sensors & thermal cameras
for staff & visitors temperature monitoring

Countries have shown that it is possible to reduce the spreading of the SARS-CoV-2 or Novel Corona virus by implementing strong protective measures while trying to keep the economy going. In the USA, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention) recommends the daily health checks of employees before they enter the work site. The WHO (World Health Organization) also recommends the temperature screening at the workplace.

One of those measures is the use of non-contact infrared thermometry temperature measurement to screen for elevated skin temperatures (EST) in the workplace. Employees and visitors can have their temperature before they enter the work site. This is one of the tools to keep factories, buildings, construction sites, businesses or facilities of any kind open.
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Modular, simple & affordable solutions
to limit the spread at the workplace

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Over 150,000 sensors sold
to 11,000+ customers in 137 countries since 2008
Unlike many overnight created solutions showing up everywhere, we have been making infrared and thermal cameras for years to monitor critical equipment.

Based on our customers' input and feedback, we redesigned our sensors. This resulted in 4 different solutions: 3 stop & screen and 1 walk-through screening solution. You chose which hardware you want and what information you show and store. This makes it one of the most modular and privacy compliant EST solutions available on the market.

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Infrared Spot Sensor
modular kit for elevated skin temperature screening

The IR spot sensors operate on a one-to-one basis. Rather than looking at a crowd of people, this setup scans one person at a time.

Scanning is very fast. Every 0.6 seconds a temperature reading is processed and validated against the defined limits. This allows to quickly process large groups of people.

The kit's operation is pretty simple: the person looks straight at the sensor within a 5 to 30cm / 2-12in distance. The bright sensor's led shows a white light when no one is in front of the sensor or when the subject is too far. When within range, the led will either turn green or red. Green means that you're OK. Red means that a potential elevated skin temperature was detected.

It performs the skin temperature measurement with an accuracy of ±0.5°C in a standard environment of 20-25°C (68-77°F). Using different on board electronics and sensors, the kit has automatic compensation built-in based on ambient temperature data. This improves the kits's accuracy and reduces drifting.

The kit is available in 3 different configurations:
- infrared spot
- infrared spot + camera
- infrared spot + thermal camera

Our IR spot kits work by capturing the emitted infrared radiation within a narrow field of view. The kit detects if a person is within the required 5-30cm (2-12in) range and then takes the measurement and compares it against the defined limits that you want to apply for your organization.

When combining it with a regular camera, then the kit can take a picture of the scanned individual. For auditing purposes, it will store on the PC the picture along with a time stamp and the temperature recording.

With the optional thermal camera, the entire face will be scanned in 192 points instead of just one measurement with the IR spot sensor. The hottest detected temperature will be retained. This ensures that the entire face is screened.

Keep in mind that body core temperature and skin temperature are not the same. The latter is lower than the body core temperature. You can find more information regarding this in the kit's user manual.

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“The ServersCheck EST temperature screening allows us to give confidence in the way we make SABCA Covid-proof. It is important that we guarantee our employees a place safer than any other place outside. The system is easy to use and doesn’t require a complex installation. The latest version we got allows to scan many visitors in a short time, reliable and respecting the privacy rules”

You define the level of privacy that you need for your screening deployment. You can set it up as a self-screening station with no supervision with or without showing the temperature. You can also set it up with the temperature visible to the person or a supervisor (receptionist, security agent, ...). Optionally you can even enter the name of the person who was recorded so that you have an audit trail per scanned person. With the camera add-on you can store a photo of the scanned person along with their temperature data.

The standard kit includes following:

Optional expansions:
  • Low res thermal camera for warmest point in a person's face
  • Camera module to take snapshot of screened subject
  • Tripod with mount adapter for the IR spot sensor
  • 21" Touch Monitor
Infrared Spot kits with their setup for elevated skin temperature

Infrared IR Spot sensor with PC and optional expansions

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AI Thermal Camera
for walk-through screening
Flir logo Our Flir embedded thermal cameras were originally made to detect thermal runaways of industrial equipment.

We have redesigned the thermal infrared cameras to neable them to screen for elevated skin temperature. Using special algorithms with special sensors, the thermal camera's accuracy is significantly improved from the normal ±5°C to ±0.5°C at 37°C in a 20-25°C environment.

The configuration does not require a black body. This makes the solution very simple to setup and operate.

Using sensors and Artifical Intelligence (AI) software, the kit detects when a person is within 1m/3ft from the sensor, detects the subject's face and then retrieves the hottest point measured in that person's face. The kit screens every second using its on board 4800 temperature measurement points using an 80x60 thermal infrared array.
Thermal Camera Sensor modified to monitor skin temperature on tripod

The AI software makes the kit's use very simple for an operator. Once configured, the screen will either be white (nothing detected), green (all is good) or red (suspected issue detected). The AI software can be configured to detect following:
- elevated skin temperature within face region
- if screened person is wearing a mask or not

For additional privacy, faces can be blurred so that no personal identifiable information is stored.

The thermal camera features a regular camera with thermal overlay for augmented thermal reality. It is powered via USB and communicates over USB with the OmniScreening.AI software. It can be mounted on a tripod.

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The solutions have been designed with privacy at its core. Privacy requirements vary a lot by law and by workforce agreements. Our modular architecture makes it possible to cater for all possible privacy requirements: from completely anonymous self-screening without any data logging to a name and photo based with temperature data logging. You select the level of privacy you need for your organization.

Our feature comparison table can guide you in selecting the right solution with the right settings for your environment.
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Product Comparison List
Feature IR Spot Sensor Thermal Camera
Standalone operation possible without any network connectivity
Ethernet network connection
Wifi network connection
NIST traceable calibration for sensor/camera
Self-installation of system
Contactless / no touch temperature screening
Supervised screening
Stop & screen or walk-through solution
Thermal camera Optional

Normal vision Optional
Thermal layer over normal vision camera
Show green or red color via led to screened person
Audible alarm (requires sound enabled HDMI monitor)
GDPR (Privacy) Compliant
Privacy & anonymous operation possible
with face blurring active
Show temperature to screened person
Hide temperature from screened person
Data recording temperature, time, name
(when entered by screening supervisor)
image with temperature per face & time
Turn off data recording
Face detection
Face mask wearing detection
Integration of thermal camera into video management system
Coming Q3 2020
System accessible from browser on any device
OmniScreening.AI software on board
face and mask wearing detection
Celsius or Fahrenheit readings
Set your own limits/thresholds
Distance to sensor/camera 5-30cm / 2-12in <2m / 6ft
0.5°C Accuracy
Medical grade
Power adapters included / outlets needed 2 1
Optional power via PoE
Embedded Windows 10 Enterprise PC with all required software & full admin rights
HDMI port for optional TV / Monitor
Demo / Evaluation kits
Data sent to the cloud
Monthly or recurring fees
Use allowed under FDA emergency guidance
TAA compliant (Gov customers)
Lead time (before shipping) for up to 3 kits 10 business days 4-6 weeks
World-wide shipping
From $USD2017

From $USD5167
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How it works
How the Covid-19 IR and thermal scanning solution works

The software scans with the IR spot or thermal camera for a human skin temperature range; which is typically between 33.6°C and 36.9°C. When a temperature is found that is above the user defined threshold, then an alarm is raised: visual (red) and audible (sound).

The OmniScreening.AI software ships with the Thermal Camera kit. This AI software enables to detect faces, mask wearing, blur faces for privacy compliance and perform thermal overlays.

Thermal camera and IR Spot directly connect onto the Monitoring Appliance's USB ports. They exchange data with the software on the appliance and receive power from it. It does not require a base unit to operate.

The Monitoring Appliance is a compact PC with Windows Enterprise IoT 10 preloaded. It can connect to a network using a regular RJ45 network cable OR via wifi. |br||br| The appliance can store all data from the camera, sensors for graphing and trending purposes. The appliance has 3 USB ports for the sensor, thermal camera and regular HD camera. It also has an HDMI port for a screen.