Infrastructure Monitoring

ServersCheck offers hardware (sensors), cloud platform and software to actively monitor, report, alert and control the infrastructure for:

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Colocation >
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SensorGateway - Infrastructure Base Unit
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Environmental Sensors
SensorGateway - Base Unit

Option probes for base unit:
Wireless Temperature & Humidity Sensor
Humidity Sensor
Flooding / Water Sensor
Power Failure Sensor
Airflow Sensor
Vibration Sensor
Sound (db) Sensor
Security Door Contact Sensor

Sensor Hub: Expansion Module
IO Dry Contact Sensor

Infrastructure Monitoring
Cloud Platform

Cloud platform detailed
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Monitoring Software
Infrastructure Monitoring (DCIM)
Infrastructure-as-a-Service Monitoring (IaaS)
Network Monitoring (NPM)
Servers & Systems Monitoring (SPM)
Application Monitoring (APM)

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