ServersCheck Monitoring Software 11.0.1 Download

This download is the main installer of the ServersCheck Monitoring Software. By default it runs in the freeware mode. It isn't time limited.

You can purchase a commercial license here for more checks and to get commercial support.

The free Firefox Add-On (ServersCheck Toolbar) can be download from following url: Installation instructions for the Firefox toolbar can be found here

Your download should start automatically in a few seconds. If not, click here to start the download again. You need Windows 2012, 7, 2008, 2003 or XP to run ServersCheck with a minimum of 2GB RAM available.

1. Download the ServersCheck Setup.exe installer
When using Firefox, click on Save File to save the installer. Internet Explorer users may get the Information Bar popping up. Click on the link to allow the download of the setup.exe. Click on Save to the installer.

Saving the installer allows you to keep a backup if you need to reinstall this version at a later date.

2. Follow the Setup Wizard
When the download is complete, click on the setup.exe to open the ServersCheck Setup application. For Firefox the file is typically located on the Desktop, for IE users this is My Documents

3. Start ServersCheck
After the installation is complete, ServersCheck automatically starts all services it installed:
- ServersCheck Webserver
- ServersCheck Moinitoring Service

The application is configured using a web browser, which should automatically open and direct you to http://localhost:1272

The user manual is available in the form of a wiki. You can view it on following url:

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