Industrial PoE+ injectors
for use in +24v or -48v DC applications

Power Add-On

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- for industrial & telecoms use
- isolated IEEE PoE 802.3at Mode B injector (PoE+)
- DC +24v input power for industrial applications
- DC -48v input power for telecom applications
- provides PoE+ power out (max 22W)
- designed for the SensorGateway
- but also for any other PoE 802.3at device (up to 22W)
- support for 10/100 Mbps network speeds
- wide operational temperature range from -40C to +85C (-40F to +185F)
- 0U rack mount or DIN rail mount available

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For telco & industrial applications
Designed to support the deployment of our sensor platform in industrial environments operating on +24v DC.

For the telecom industry, the telecom version PoE addon supports negative -48v DC as power input.

Power output is positive 48v via POE. Max 22W.
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For any PoE+ device
and not just our sensors
We have originally designed this injector for supporting our sensor platform in industrial and telecom environments.

This second generation of our DC Power Add-On has been modified so that we not just support our base units, but any PoE 802.3at enabled device. Up to 22 Watts.
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Technical Specifications - ADDON-POE

Power In: 24v or -48v DC
Power Out: 48v DC via POE; max 22W
IEEE PoE 802.3at Class 4 Mode B (PoE+)
10/100 Mbps network speed
Temperature Operating Range: -40C to +85C (-40F to +185F)
AddOn Housing Dimensions: 60 mm (2.75") x 80 mm (3.74") x 20 mm (0.78")
AddOn Housing Material: metal
AddOn Housing Colour: orange